4 in1 or how to get the message across the internet in the 21st century

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Nowadays, a hit to a specific person or a group of people with information is very difficult. The world of media and advertising is not divided only into the Internet, television or printed materials. Choosing the path of the Internet itself we have a choice of thousands of pages on which we can publish information. The key question is how we can reach our target group on the Internet in the short term, and without spending a fortune.

Here’s our guide:

Content – this is the first and most important point. When publishing information, we first need to gain the reader’s interest. The modern world of search engines has accustomed people to ask questions to “Uncle Google,” so our content should be used to answer the question.
Visualization – during our reading our imagination is stimulated in a special way. We add the emotional and visual factor to the content ourselves. For the full relevance of the message, it is recommended to support the reader and add graphic banners that will also be displayed on different websites in the future. This procedure will help us to remind you of information that has been read before.
The relax zone – Facebook and YouTube are considered entertainment sites on the internet. In the USA, “Facebook” is a verb that has many meanings (publish a post, spend time, contact). For this publication, a link to our content in users’ messages is a very important element.
Uncle’s advice – Publishing content on Google does not mean that our article will be in the first place, we can earn it, but it is quite time-consuming. A quick way will be buying an ad for a specific query that will redirect the user to our content.
4in1 in this embodiment is the basis for any advertisement or publication on the Internet. But it is often perceived as a set of tools, which causes a sharp rise in prices to achieve goals. I can say from experience that planning a 4-in-1 campaign for tens of thousands of users, we will not spend more than PLN 500.

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