A new place on the cultural map of Warsaw

Dodane przez: | 17 November 2017

Chopin Point WarsawBudget Chopin Point Warsaw at 62 Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street is the center of the life of a piano poet. “Mały Chopinek”, because Chopin called the Warsaw press in this way, at the age of 13 he played a concert here – in the same building, on the first floor. Almost vis-à-vis Chopin spent his free time in Café Brzezińska – as she once wrote about Chopin in a letter to her friend George Sand, a French writer, she felt that “he thinks he is idle when he does not bend under the burden of work.” It can be admitted that this is the place where Chopin played and created.

From the beginning of November, Chopin Point Warsaw will have recitals performed by outstanding pianists. The place is intimate, it refers to the formulas of the salons in which the artist played. The places where you can feel the atmosphere of a great musical adventure are in Warsaw a lot, but at Chopin Point Warsaw, music does not stop there.

The composer’s story is told at various levels: from curiosities and anecdotes, through Chopin’s favorite treats (compulsively hot chocolate, Torun gingerbreads and Żółędziówka!), To exhibitions, workshops for children and youth, a city game, an offer for families.

Before the recital you can get to know the background associated with the songs that will be played – the place combines classic and modern, high culture and art with an accessible language. There will be no long lectures, just talks in a moody atmosphere. Perfect for both tourists who are starting their adventure with Chopin and frequenting Chopin concerts.

In the heart of the events of this place – the piano. And outstanding artists, famous names: Joanna Kacperek, Klaudia Kudełko, Rafał Mokrzycki, Edwin Szwajkowski, Maciej Wota, winners of international competitions. Some of these performers have played in places such as Carnegie Hall, a New York concert hall – one of the most prestigious in the world. Now their art can be seen live in a chamber filled with culture to the brim.

The founder of Chopin Point Warsaw is Barbara Kotarba, organizer of cultural events, having behind her the organization of several hundred Chopin Concertos.

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