Between freedom and the ban – about the safe use of tourist space

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ZG PTTK together with the Faculty of Geographical Sciences of the University of Lodz and the Institute of Tourism of the University of Adama Mickiewicza in Poznań organizes on October 11-13, 2017 the popular science conferences Between freedom and the ban – about the safe use of the tourism space.

We invite you to participate in the conference:

-researchers from universities, studying various aspects of tourism space,
-administration of state forests,
-representatives of national and landscape parks,
-representatives of the tourism industry, organizing specialist tourism,
-representatives of student (academic) backgrounds,
-representatives of organizations that care for the safety of tourists and recreation (GOPR, TOPR, WOPR).

Issues related to the subject of the conference:

-objectively safe tourism space and a subjective sense of security,
-the importance of security for the image of a tourist destination,
-the possibility of using the theory, methodology and standards of risk management in providing security in tourist regions,
-security prevention, or how to be wise before damage?
-tourism as a factor increasing the risk of security (public disturbances, robberies, thefts, drug addiction, etc.)
-the role and scope of the services (police, guards, GOPR, WOPR, employees of national parks, State Forests, etc.) -responsible for the safety of tourists and residents,
-threat to health and life (dangerous space) as a magnet attracting tourists who are eager for extreme sensations,
legal, financial and ethical aspects of responsibility for the safety of tourists, organizers of tourism, administrators of tourist routes, managers of tourist and recreational facilities,
-travel insurance
-a guarantee of peace and security during travel or empty promises of insurance companies?
-principles of safe rest on the example of selected forms of active tourism (eg cycling, canoeing, skiing, horse riding),
-safety on the routes – prohibitions and orders or education and upbringing?
-safe travel code,
-the risk of an accident (threat to life and health) and individual freedom and the right to decide about their fate,
-Do ignorance and thoughtlessness free tourists from bearing the consequences of behavior posing a threat to themselves and others?
-Who should pay for rescue operations?
-Medical Rescue System in Poland
-legal regulations, rules of operation, sources of financing,
-first premedical aid as an indispensable module for educating tourist personnel.

Persons interested in the conference, apply on the basis of application cards

source: Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

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