Eurobarometer 2019: The European Parliament is still the most trusted of all European institutions

Dodane przez: | 15 June 2018

The European Parliament The European Parliament is still the most trusted of all European institutions, according to the latest Eurobarometer opinion poll.

According to the results of the survey of attitudes to the European institutions published today by the European Commission, 50% of respondents trust the European Parliament. This means an increase of 5 percentage points compared to the autumn 2017 study. The level of distrust of the EP dropped in the same period by 3 percentage points.

During the term of office, confidence in the European Parliament increased from 34% in May 2014 to today’s record level of 50%.

The survey also showed that 93% of respondents know much more about the European Parliament than about other institutions – this is a slight increase since the previous edition of the Eurobarometer.

The European Union as a whole still raises more confidence (42%) than national authorities (34%).

“This Parliament is working on reducing the gap between European institutions and citizens and doing its job well. The citizens themselves tell us about it through the latest Eurobarometer results. Over the last six months, confidence in the European Parliament has increased from 45% to 50%. Parliament is by far the most appreciated institution of the EU. “- commented the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani.

“I would like to thank the 751 Members of Parliament who are creating the Assembly. We have shown that we can play a leading role by putting Parliament at the center of the debate to change Europe and make it more effective. “- added Tajani.

“We have helped to prepare a European response in particular on immigration, which – as confirmed by the Eurobarometer – is the most important problem for our citizens. In November, we adopted the text on the reform of the asylum system (including the Dublin Regulation) which reconciles stability with solidarity. We also proposed a short-, medium- and long-term strategy to stop trips from Africa. The Council can no longer postpone the reform of asylum law and must be aware that the management of immigration puts the future of our Union at the heart of it. “- said the EP President.

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