Free Meeting about investments in Renewable Energy Sources

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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Chamber of Commerce of the Płock Region invites you to the Meeting regarding investments in Renewable Energy Sources. The meeting is dedicated especially to Local Government Units and entrepreneurs. All interested in participating in the meeting, please confirm the presence by Wednesday 8.06.2016. in the IGRP office by phone: 243649989 or by e-mail:

Topics of the meeting

Meeting on investments in Renewable Energy Sources.
Legal aspects related to the Act on Renewable Energy Sources, Photovoltaic – production of electricity from the sun.
The most friendly and effective RES technology and Public-Private Partnership as a model of joint investment in self-government and business.


The meeting will be led by representatives of the German company Bauer and the Institute of Economic Partnership and the law firm M.Mazurek i Partnerzy from Warsaw, who have extensive experience in the renewable energy industry, and have knowledge related to both technical and financial aspects related to the implementation of projects, implementing renewable energy projects throughout the country. M.Mazurek i Partnerzy Law Firm specializes in the Law of Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership.

Place of meeting

Headquarters IGRP, Dom Darmstadt, ul. Stary Rynek 8, Płock

At present, call for proposals for subsidies from EU and national funds for the construction of renewable energy installations, among others from the Regional Operational Program of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship (Measure 4.1 Renewable energy sources). The beneficiary may be a commune or group of municipalities and their residents. The commune can build installations on public buildings, and residents on their homes. The planned level of co-financing from EU funds will amount to 80%. For example: the cost of a 3 kW installation is PLN 18,000, the commune from the grant finances PLN 14,400, and the resident only PLN 3,600. The cost of building the installation returns in less than two years. The installation has been producing electricity for at least 25 years. Entrepreneurs who consume large amounts of electricity can build photovoltaic installations for their own needs, which will significantly reduce electricity bills. At present, the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management offers preferential, redeemable loans to entrepreneurs. Other interesting financial instruments are also possible, eg leasing and EU subsidies from other sources. By July this year. for renewable energy also produced for own needs, so-called “Green certificates”, which significantly increase the return on investment and its return within 5-7 years. The amendment of the PPP Act is currently in progress, which will significantly facilitate the investment in this legal form.

source: Chamber of Commerce of the Płock Region

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