Morawiecki for PAP: We have this surplus of budget after July for the first time in 28 years

Dodane przez: | 28 August 2018

Mateusz Morawiecki, photo: PAP / J.Turczyk

This is the surplus of the budget after July for the first time in 28 years; This year may close the budget deficit below PLN 40 billion, calculated according to the national methodology – says Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Development and Finance Mateusz Morawiecki.

The IMF announced on Friday in the statement that the budget had a surplus of PLN 2.4 billion after July. Revenues in this period amounted to PLN 206.1 billion, or 63.3%. annual plan, and expenditures at PLN 203.8 billion, or 53.0 percent.

Revenues from: VAT were higher by 24.4%. year to year (ie approx. PLN 18.5 billion); excise tax and tax on games were higher by 4.8 percent. year to year (ie approx. PLN 1.8 billion); PIT were higher by 7.8 percent. year to year (ie approx. PLN 2.0 billion); CIT were higher by 13.4 percent. year to year (ie approx. PLN 2.1 billion).

“For the first time in the history of the last 28 years, we have such a surplus in the budget after July. This is of course very good news. This is mainly due to the very effective sealing of the tax system – not only VAT, but also CIT, which revenues grow faster due to the expansion of our analytical skills, work with taxpayers, construction of new structures, including the National Tax Administration. These are effective methods that we implement to improve the income side mainly “- he said.

Deputy Prime Minister assured that good budget data is not a result of savings in expenses. He stressed, however, that expenditures are under control – they constitute about 53 percent. year-long expenditures. “This is the effect of a very good performance of income, but also the care for public pennies and thrifty spending,” he said.

When asked whether the budget would be doing well in the second half of the year, Morawiecki said that “the economy is running fast.” “I think that the growth of CIT at the end of the year will oscillate around 14%, increase in VAT around 14-15%. maybe even more “- he stressed.

“This year may close the deficit below PLN 40 billion (against almost PLN 60 billion admitted in the budget for this year – PAP) calculated according to the national methodology, and according to the European methodology below PLN 50 billion,” he said. He noted that this means that according to the national methodology it would be below 2 percent. GDP, and the EU – less than 2.5 percent. GDP.

photo: PAP / J.Turczyk

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