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Posted workers Temporary workers to work in another EU country will receive the same remuneration for the same work in the same place, according to the update of the rules adopted on Tuesday.

The update of the law, which was adopted with 456 votes to 147, with 49 abstentions, is to ensure better protection for posted workers and fair competition.

Equal pay

According to the agreed text, all remuneration rules in the host country must apply to posted workers. In addition to the rules, Member States may use representative regional or sectoral collective agreements. Until now, this has only happened in the construction sector.

Improving working conditions

Costs related to travel, food and accommodation should be paid by the employer and should not be deducted from the employee’s remuneration. Employers will also have to ensure decent accommodation conditions for posted workers, in line with national rules.

Posting: how long it can take

The duration of the posting was established for 12 months with the possibility of extension by 6 months. After that date, the worker would still be able to reside and work in the Member State to which he was posted, but he would be subject to conditions consistent with the host country’s labor law.

Protection against fraud

In the case of a delegation just to circumvent the rules, Member States should cooperate, providing the posted workers with protection consistent with the terms of the posted workers directive.

International road transport

The new elements of the updated directive will apply to the transport sector, after the entry into force of the sectoral provisions included in the mobility package. Until then, the 1996 version of the Directive still applies.

Next steps

Member States will have two years to transpose the provisions into national law and implement them.

Elisabeth Morin-Chartier (EPP, FR), co-responsible for the work on the regulations, said: “This vote is one of the foundations of the 2014-2019 term. It reflects the social, economic and political reality of the European Union. It sets the path towards a more social Europe in which businesses compete with each other in a more just way, and workers have better rights. By voting for this agreement, the European Parliament provides workers with better rights and the necessary protection. ”

Agnes Jongerius (S & D, NL), co-responsible for the work on the regulations, said: “Europe chooses equal pay for equal work in the same place. And this is a great achievement. Colleagues cease to compete, this is an important step towards creating a social Europe that protects employees and prevents companies from racing down. A Europe that does not cut corners and that cares for all people at work. ”

Additional information

A posted employee is an employee seconded by the employer to temporarily work in another EU Member State. In 2016, there were 2.3 million posted workers in the EU. In the years 2010-2016, the number of delegated persons increased by 69%.

source: European Parliament
photo: Shutterstock

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