Poland was promoted to the group of developed markets

Dodane przez: | 24 September 2018


Poland, the first country from Central and Eastern Europe, has been among the most developed global markets, including United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Japan.

On September 24, 2018, the global index agency FTSE Russell regraded Poland from the group of emerging markets (Developed Markets).

Poland is the first country for nearly a decade, which has advanced to developed markets, it is also the first case of qualifying for this group of the country from Central and Eastern Europe.

Reclassifying Poland to developed markets means appreciating the development of the Polish economy and our capital market and an important step in its development. Poland has all the advantages of developed markets, including security of turnover and post-transaction services as well as developed infrastructure. GPW operates on the basis of a modern transaction system, and companies listed on the stock exchange meet high standards in the area of ​​corporate and communication governance.

When revising the FTSE classification, Russell takes into account regulatory environment, infrastructure, quality of the capital market, the shape of the depository-settlement system and the development of the derivatives market.

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