Polish-Colombian Economic Meeting

Dodane przez: | 25 April 2018

The Polish Chamber of Commerce together with the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia in Poland have the honor to invite you to participate in the Polish – Colombian Business Meeting organized on the occasion of the visit to Poland. Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Colombia Maria Lorena Gutierrez on May 7, 2018 in the Polish Chamber of Commerce from h. 11:30 (registration from 11:00).

The idea of ​​the meeting is to present to Polish entrepreneurs business and investment opportunities on the Colombian market, establish business contacts and exchange experiences.

Bilateral cooperation:

Colombia has huge deposits of energy resources (crude oil, natural gas, hard coal) and other natural resources. I need investment, including in the oil sector, transport infrastructure, biofuel production and the use of renewable energy sources. Investors are offered a number of incentives: tax breaks, Special Economic Zones, duty-free zones and guaranteed prices.

Export possibilities for Polish entrepreneurs are the following sectors:

Mining (coal, oil and gas)
Transport infrastructure
Security (police and Colombian army carry large orders for equipment and equipment every year)
Automotive industry (spare parts)
Chemical industry
Among the products that Colombia imports, interesting for Polish entrepreneurs may be: machinery and equipment for the food, wood, metallurgy and construction industries; steel products, chemical components, fertilizers, medical equipment, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.

We encourage you to register your participation via the online form below:


You’re welcome!

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