Polish companies become more and more innovative

Dodane przez: | 18 January 2018

In the years 2014-2016 compared to the years 2013-2015 in the sector of industrial enterprises there was an increase in the share of enterprises active in innovation by 1.4 percentage points. up to 20.3%. In services, however, this ratio increased by 3.9 percentage points. up to 14.5%.

Taking into account the size of enterprises in 2016, the highest percentage of innovation active entities was among entities with 250 or more employees.

In “Industrial processing” the highest percentage of innovation-active enterprises occurred in the “Production of pharmaceutical products” section (49.0%). In the case of service enterprises, this percentage was the highest in the section “Insurance, reinsurance and pension funds” (69.0% of enterprises).

In the previous research period (2013-2015) in industrial enterprises this indicator was the highest in the section “Coke and refined petroleum products production” (46.7%), and in service enterprises – in the section “Insurance, reinsurance and pension funds” (68 , 7%).

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