The Chinese Visa Service Center in Warsaw was officially opened On October, 12 

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Photo: Miroslaw Gleb

In order to ensure the quality of services and the possibility of speeding up the application process for a visa, on October 15 Embassy of China in Poland has authorized the Chinese Visa Application Service Center to service applicants applying for visa to China. The Visa Center services include: receiving applications, obtaining biometric data, collecting visa fees (also express and super-express mode), issuing documents, providing information and other services ordered by the Embassy. We annouce:

1. From October 15, 2018, persons with a private passport are asked to apply for a visa at the Visa Center.
Address: Warsaw, ul. Sienna 39
Website: (available from 15/10/2018)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 (information on holidays and public holidays will be announced separately

2. Persons with a diplomatic or service passport, applicants for a Chinese diplomatic, service or courtesy visa and visa applicants (entry permit) to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or Macao Special Administrative Region are invited to come to the Consular Department of the Embassy in order to submitting the application, you do not have to reserve the date. The Consular Department continues to perform notarial acts, consular legalization, accepts applications for issuing a passport, travel document, etc. Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:00 to 11:00 (information on holidays and public holidays will be announced separately). More information can be obtained on the Embassy’s website in the Visas and consular services tab.

3. Centrum Wizowe oprócz opłaty za wizę, pobiera również opłatę za usługę. Na życzenie aplikanta może również wysłać dokument. Cennik oraz inne informacje dotyczące usług są udzielane przez Centrum Wizowe.

4. The Visa Center does not participate in the process of granting a visa. Officials of the Consular Department of the Embassy of China, on the basis of documents submitted by the applicant, decide on the granting of the visa and the validity of the visa, the length of stay and the multiple of the visa. A Consular Officer, when analyzing the application, may also ask for the presentation of documents confirming the given situation of the person applying for a visa, ask for supplementation of documents or for a visit to the Consular Department in order to talk with the Consul.

5. In addition to the Visa Center, the Chinese Embassy in Poland has not authorized any other bodies or persons to mediate in applying for visas or other documents. Applicants are asked to be cautious about the above matter. If in doubt, you can contact the Consular Department.

6. This notification is subject to the interpretation of the Consular Department of the Embassy in Poland.

Photo by Mirosław Gleb

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