The delegation of the Chinese province Heilongjiang was received at the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

Dodane przez: | 20 September 2018

The meeting at the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce  was one of the items of the program of the  Heilongjiang delegation  

On Thursday, September 20, during a four-day stay in Poland, a delegation from Heilongjiang Province (China) held a meeting at the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce and Economics.

Delegates from China presented the investment opportunities of their region. They stressed the similarity of Poland with the province of Heilongjiang, that is, with a similar population (more than 38 million) and similar industrial traditions. The most characteristic features of this region are a high percentage of afforestation (unprecedented in China), large water resources (lakes), agricultural land (called the granary of China) and large industrial enterprises, where more than half of Chinese railcars are built.

In addition, the direct location of the province near the border with Russia gives great opportunities for establishing cooperation with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Representatives of the Chinese delegation also called on Polish entrepreneurs to participate in fairs organized in their region.

Mr.Karol Dobrovolsky, vice president of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, spoke about the potential of the Polish economy, described the investment climate in Poland. Also discussed was the subject of legal aspects of economic activity and the issues of imports of agricultural products from China to Poland.

More and more companies specializing in the safe import of Chinese goods appear on the Polish market. They organize transport, inspection and customs clearance, and also help in collecting the necessary documents. Training in the field of import and export is becoming more popular, which can promote further cooperation with Chinese partners.

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