The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce together with the National Philharmonic Society prepared the 200th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding composer Stanislav Moniuszko

Dodane przez: | 13 May 2019

On Sunday, May 5, the 200th anniversary of the outstanding composer Stanislav Moniuszko was celebrated in Poland. The Warsaw Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the National Philharmonic, has prepared many surprises and attractions, and not only musical ones.

The celebrations began with a concert in the open-air of violin virtuosos Vadim Brodsky to the accompaniment of the famous pianist Vlasta Trachik. From the stage on Monyushka Street, the composer’s compositions were performed in a unique arrangement by Maria Pomyanovskaya performed by a group of musicians playing ethnic instruments.

At noon, the Concert Hall hosted a concert of the National Philharmonic Orchestra, during which fragments of the most popular works of Stanislav Moniuszko were performed, including the Overture to the opera Hulk, Mazur from the opera The Terrible Dvur, the Overture to the opera Nosilny Verb and numerous arias, songs and duets.

The artist who captured the hearts of viewers under the open sky was Sambor Dudzinski-Dimek, a multi-instrumentalist, actor and inventor who took his guests on an amazing musical journey with his soundtrack.

The audience also had a unique opportunity to listen to the most beautiful songs of Monyushko performed by the choir of the National Philharmonic. The vocal quartet Monyushko in historical costumes, the Harp choir and their musical flashes. Stanislav Monyushko.

The culmination of the day was a specially organized performance for four pianos performed by the international group Vlasty Traczyk Eight Hands Quartet, as well as the multimedia concert “I like Moniuszko.”

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