Under the aegis of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce. Europe – China Bridge

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ABC imports from and exports to China and the key aspects of cooperation between Polish and Chinese entrepreneurs are the main topics of the conference Europe – China Bridge. The meetingwas a preview of the ongres of the post- soviet central and eastern Europe. Cooperation between China and the EU has many dimensions and is of great importance in the political, economic and technological, educational and cultural spheres. An integrated European market and increasing openness to the world The Middle Kingdom is a huge potential for entrepreneurs and new opportunities for cooperation.

Mr. Marek Traczyk, President of Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Marek Traczyk, President of Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

The goal of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce is to build an agreement between entrepreneurs from Poland and China. The planned events are to serve this purpose: Economic Congress of Central Europe – Eastern Trade Fair “Export Expo” and China Homelife . We expect 2,500 business representatives from China, presenting nearly 50   000,000 products that are interested in Polish products and the Polish roar – said Marek Traczyk, president of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce during a specially convened conference dedicated to events scheduled for 29-31 May this year. in the International Exhibition and Congress Center PTAK Warsaw EXPO. The conference was attended by:

  • Patrycja Pendrakowska , President of the Boyma Foundation Foundation
  • Marek Traczyk, President of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce
  • Ilona Klejnowska-Kamińska, Partner of the Institute of Strategy and Development


The Ministry of Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development were invited to the Congress,   Ministers of Economy from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Ukraine
and Hungary, Marshal Offices, representatives of regions from Lithuania, Kaliningrad (Russia)
and Latvia, the Starosts, Presidents of Cities, mayors and mayors of economic zones, ambassadors of Central and Eastern Europe and China, as well as chambers of commerce from the United States and Latin America. The aim of our activities for the cooperation of local government and   economic self-government in the area of ​​economic support for entrepreneurs from China and Poland is to create a platform for wide cooperation of economic entities in Central Europe   and Eastern Europe with other regions of the world and support for the promotion and export of products, services and the capital of entrepreneurs organized in the economic self-government – emphasized Marek Traczyk, President of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce .

Participants of the fair have a special matchmaking zone at their disposal – they are provided with the help of an interpreter, so that communication with Chinese suppliers is as simple as possible. A meeting with a perfectly chosen exhibitor can be arranged before the fair. The HostedBuyer program also works for the largest importers , which offers many exclusive benefits. Business, however, is not everything – during the trade fair, interesting cultural events take place every year. The events also include free workshops conducted by experts from the Chinese market and discussion panels. Among the topics we will discuss, among others, issues related to the traps that may occur when importing from China, how to ensure receipt of goods in line with the order, logistics challenges, and verification of the contractor and quality control. We care about the exchange of information and experience and establishing direct relations between entrepreneurs representing the textile, machine, electronic, food, construction, furniture and agricultural industries – said Patrycja Pendrakowska , President of the Boyma Foundation Foundation .

The 3rd Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe and the “Export Expo” trade fair are events accompanying the largest trade fair in Central Europe in China Homelife Poland , creating conditions for establishing economic cooperation between Poland, China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Dialogue between entrepreneurs conducted as part of economic events enables the presentation of their products and the values ​​behind the company’s brand. Fair events give great opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand the range of recipients of their products, services and offer presentation, promotion, but above all, direct and real contact
with the client – emphasized Ilona Klejnowska – Kamińska, Partner of the Institute of Strategy and Development .

As part of the participation, the organizers offer appointments with 5 Chinese companies from the industry chosen by you, interpreter assistance, free transport from Warsaw, the possibility of prioritizing a place for workshops on the specificity of trade with China.



The Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe is the only initiative of its kind, covering Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and China, and gathering a record number of entrepreneurs.During the previous editions of the Congress, the guests were, among others, representatives of over 50 chambers of commerce from Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary.

More information about the congress on the website. kongresgospodarczy.org

The ” Export Expo” trade fair is a natural stage in the development of the largest trade fairs in Central Europe

and Eastern, China HomeLife Poland, which they accompany. Thanks to this, we managed to create a unique forum for the promotion of products and export services of Polish entrepreneurs. An additional advantage for exhibitors is the assurance of at least 200 importers from China from the Chinese part of the Export Expo.

More information about the fair at www.exportexpo.org

China HomeLife Poland trade fair – the largest event of this type in Central Europe. About 1700 Chinese producers representing 10 different industries will come to Nadarzyn near Warsaw: textiles and clothing, household items and gifts, household appliances, construction materials, machines and tools, furniture, lighting and electrical goods, food and car parts .

More information about the fair at www.chinahomelife247.eu

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