Varsovians took part in the WTP Council meeting

Dodane przez: | 20 June 2018

The open meeting was devoted to the recommendations developed so far by the WTP Council, regarding accessibility of stops and public transport vehicles for people with limited mobility and perception. The representative of entrepreneurs was Katarzyna Kaczmarska, vice president of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce.

Recommendations are 10 recommendations of a legislative, organizational, IT and infrastructural nature. They concern, among others introduction of the Passenger Rights Charter, creation of a database of materials (regulations, studies, documents, etc.), passenger information, vehicle space requirements, driver training and bus drivers. One of the recommendations indicates the need to develop an executive plan for adapting stops to the guidelines contained in Regulation No. 1682/2017 of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw of October 23, 2017 regarding the creation of an accessible space in the capital city of Warsaw, including pedestrian infrastructure with particular emphasis on people with limited mobility and perception.

All recommendations were discussed and the representatives of the Municipal Transport Board told what is the current state of action in the areas of recommendation and plans for the future. Residents joined the discussion, asking and postulating specific solutions and changes in the transport system, for example regarding the change of routes, location of stops or construction of various elements of public transport vehicles. The talks were continued at thematic tables and all the residents’ comments were noted.

The next working meeting of the WTP Council is planned for September. It will be devoted to the priorities in traffic for public transport and the elaboration of the text of the Passenger Rights Charter.

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