Walne Zgromadzenie Członków WIG wybrało nowe władze

Dodane przez: | 30 September 2017

Walne Zgromadzenie Członków WIG

October 26 this year the General Assembly of Members of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce was held at the headquarters of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting was aimed at presenting the Management Board’s report and the financial report for 2016.

The main theme of the meeting was the granting of the vote to the outgoing authorities and the election of a new president, members of the board, as well as a new Supervisory Board, the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce.

Marek Traczyk was elected in the secret ballot for the president of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, and the board was composed of: Karol Dobrowolski, Ada Kostrz-Kostecka, Katarzyna Kaczmarska and Bogusław Zalewski.

Marcin Zamoyski became the Chairman of the Supervisory Board for the next term, and the Supervisory Board was composed of: Krzysztof Rajczewski, Jerzy Bednarek, Marek Kość, Daniel Sobiesiak, Gerard Piątkowski, Jacek Buchacz, Krzysztof Moczulski, Jakub Chmielarz, Adam Radom, Michał Czartoryski, Marian Serwach, Ewa Piacentile , Rafał Szmytke, Aleksander Szalecki, Stanisława Duchniewicz, Paweł, Lucjan Łukasik, Andrzej Sznek, Robert Mikulski, Tomasz Jurkanis and Wojciech Długosz.

The outgoing president, Ryszard Marcińczak, who was unanimously elected an honorary member of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce, thanked everyone for his fruitful cooperation so far and assured him of his further support. He congratulated the newly elected authorities, wishing him success and success in the next term.

President Marek Traczyk assured that the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce will effectively support the development of entrepreneurship through active participation in the process of building a strong economic self-government, working to build a competitive and innovative economy in our region and country, and a cooperation offer developed specifically for the needs of members, will give the necessary tools to achieve successes on the domestic market and on foreign markets.

Photo report from the General Assembly of Members of the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce

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