“Wisła” for the eleventh time in Moscow

Dodane przez: | 9 May 2018

This year’s Polish Film Festival “Wisła” from April to November will come not only in Russia, but also in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Croatia. The main Moscow edition of the festival will be held on May 17 – 24 in cinemas “Five Stars on Pawelecka”, “Iluzjon”, “Oktiabr”, in the new cinema room of the Tretyakov Gallery and the New Space of the Nation Theater.

In the Feature Film Competition 11. “Wisła” found, among others ‘Best’ by Łukasz Palkowski, ‘Between words’ by Urszula Antoniak, ‘Afterimages’ by Andrzej Wajda and ‘Amok’ by Katarzyna Adamik. The latest Polish feature productions will also be seen by the viewers of the New Cinema Panorama section, including the latest film by Juliusz Machulski “Volta”, the comedy “Ready for Everything. Exterminator “of Michał Rogalski or” Szczęście świata “by Michał Rosa.

We will include the “Poland in the document” block for the second time. The audience will have the opportunity to see the shocking documentary by Marcin Borchardt “Beksińscy. A video album “, reconstructed exclusively from private, never before published in this form, materials from the archives of the family of the outstanding painter Zdzisław Beksiński. The last, very personal interview with Wojciech Młynarski enriched by the statements of his closest friends will be shown in Alicja Albrecht’s film “Młynarski. Final song “.

The special event will be the section “Independent Poland”, devoted to the century of Poland regaining its independence. As part of it, we will show, among others Filip Bajon’s Early Spring, Black Thursday. Janek Wisniewski fell “Antoni Krauze and” City 44 “by Jan Komasa.

Together with the Polish Institute in Moscow, we will carry out the series “Theater on the screen”, as well as the block “Ball in the game!”, For which we will invite all football fans on the occasion of the upcoming World Cup.

To meet the many requests of the Moscow audience, we will recall for the first time the best titles of the previous editions of The best of “Wisła” section, including Łukasz Palkowski’s “Gods”, Maciej Pieprzycka’s “Wants to Live”, Maria Sadowska’s “Art of Loving” and ” The last family of “Jan P. Matuszyński.

This year, we decided to organize weekend family mornings on “Wisla”, to which we will invite all generations of viewers. In the program, we will propose Marta Karwowska’s adventure film “Tarapata” and a fantasy for young people directed by Mariusz Paleja “Behind the Blue Door”.

Traditionally, we have invited the Film School in Łódź, the Warsaw Film School and the Munk Studio to collaborate on the festival. For the first time, we will also present the best etudes of students of the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia.

As part of a special screening at the Tretyakov Gallery, we will present a science fiction drama “Photon” directed by the winner of the Polityka Passport 2018 in the field of Visual Arts, Norman Leto. After the screening of the viewers, we will invite you for a discussion, navigating between quantum physics and contemporary art.

More at: www.festiwalwisla.pl

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